Secrets for your SEPA Credit Transfer projects

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Course Description

In this course you will get all the secrets to easily understand and successfully implement payment projects in general and SCT projects in particular. You will learn about topics like Booking, Payment engines, Graphical User Interfaces, User roles and rights, … that are not discussed in the rulebooks, but that are paramount to your project. What you learn in this course will enable you to move faster in your career in the payment industry.

Course modules:

Module 1 – Booking and the SEPA Credit Transfer​

Module 2 – Account Balance Management​

Module 3 – Payment engines

Module 4 –  Payment engines integration into the Bank IT landscape​

Module 5 – Payment engine and the Graphical User Interface​

Module 6 – Payment engine User rights and actions​

Module 7 – State machine diagrams of payment entities​

Module 8 – Scope of your SCT project​

Module 9 – Information system architectures​

Overall course assessment (40 questions)

This course is intended for professionals of the payment industry who want work on payment projects and want to bring a contribution that matters: Business analysts, Architects, Software developers, Functional / Non functional testers, Treasurers, Project Managers … Anyone who wants to succeed in their payment in their projects.

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