John Doyle’s Effective Communications Skills

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Making a successful presentation has got to be one of the most exhilarating experiences known to man.  When you know you have an audience that is following you and supporting you then it’s great.  You feel in control and if they laugh at your jokes then you’re a star.

What most speakers fail to understand is that presenting is about communicating and communicating is about imparting a message to an audience who want to receive hear it.

I’ve given many presentations in the course of my business career; I’ve trained speakers and taught communication skills to all manner of people in all sorts of companies.  I like presenting.  But, I recognise that I am not the norm.

So I wrote this short book which contains the essence of communications skills.  It tries to demystify it and to present it in simple easy to understand terms.  This book won’t make you a great speaker, only practice will do that.  But, this book will help you become a great speaker if you follow its simple rules.

The book is delivered as a series of lectures of one hour each.

First, you must understand the communication process.

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